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Eating At Barista

A Fresh Experience

Serving food weekdays from 12pm till 2.30pm we focus on delivering a Lunch Time experience that you will love. Freshly prepared using good quality produce we make sure your lunch break is just what you need.

Feel free to pre-order & avoid waiting times. Enjoy more of your lunch break.


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##Plain Omelette
**served with chips & salad garnish

##Choice Of Fillings
**Cheese, Ham, Mushroom, Bacon, Tomatoes & Red Onions


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##Cobb Salad
**Grilled chicken, seasonal salad leaves, bacon, tomato, boiled egg & dressing

##Classic Ceasar

**Romaine Lettuce, egg, croutons & Ceasar Dressing

**Add Chicken For £1.50


##Salad Nicoise
**Rocket, Tuna, Olives, French Beans, New potatoes, Hard Boiled Egg & Cherry Tomatoes

**Add Tuna For £0.60


##Classic Greek Salad
**Tomatoes, red onion & cucumber are dressed in olive oil & finished with crumbled feta cheese.

##Panzanella Salad
**Captures the fruity flavours of the Mediterranean, tomatoes, red onion, torn bread, olive & dressing. Add Our Sausage Of The Week £1.50

##Tomato & Mozzarella Salad (v)